The Power of Asking

Having moved to Melbourne in April of 2016, the podcast took a backseat.  I needed time to live, learn, make mistakes, and to experience things.

Returning to Perth for a balmy Christmas in 2016, Johnny had reminded me of the tiny little seed of an idea to rekindle the podcast at the Henhouse Rehearsal Studios. Something that seemed like a fleeting idea germinated and eventuated.  Like all things meant to be, it happened with little resistance.  I asked the right people for their involvement, to which they all had replied.  Sometimes, all it takes to receive is to simply ask.  

Interdependency is empowering.  

It’s amazing how easy it is to forget the power of asking.  The universe and the amazing souls that populate it will conspire to make your idea happen.  And selfless, amazing souls such as Rob Nassif, who exude their positivity and passion for community respond and say yes.  Without Rob and The Henhouse Rehearsal Studios (and all the people involved in making the cogs turn), this idea would still be a tiny little seed in the soil.  

I flew back to Melbourne in the start of 2017, plotted a framework of amazing people to have conversations with, and then returned to Perth for the month.  Now I’m sitting in my old room surrounded by tea lights.  Both bulbs in my room have blown since starting this entry, and things are amazing.  

- Darrell


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